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Enamel pins- An instant expression

Everyone has thousands of emotions, feelings, and thoughts which need to be expressed either by words or by any other expressive outlet. You, me, all of us try to express our feelings in the best possible way. Some of us use specific clothing, trendy haircuts, striking jewellery, or different types of graffiti. There are a lot of expressive people who show their cultural and organisational affiliations through enamel pins or lapel pins as this mode of expression is enriched with cultural heritage. Enamel pins hold the honour to represent political, cultural, influential, and organisational movements and affiliations. 

Over Enameled- The right way to express

Over Enameled is just as enthusiastic as its lovely and expressive customers. We know how important it is for you to express yourself through this globally used mode of expression, and that is why Over Enameled offers one-stop-shop services to you at your doorstep. We have an “unlimited” collection of coolest, trendy, and unique and customized lapel pins. You can express your political, cultural, emotional, social, or personal organizational affiliation or thoughts through our handcrafted and imperial quality enamel pins. YES, every single pin in our collection is 100 per cent handcrafted because we do our best to make portraying and top quality product for our customers.

Our collection- An ocean of lapel pins

Over Enameled is one-stop-shop for lapel pins lovers. We offer a wide range of multi-category lapel pins of all types. We believe that all our customers deserve to express their inner self and we cater everyone for everything. Our collection includes a nostalgic collection of essential enamel pins which can induce the surreal nostalgic memories. 

We have a vintage collection of some rare and original handcrafted lapel pins. Our vast collection also caters meme and anime lovers, and that's not it because we have a wide range of enamel pins for gaming geniuses. We also entertain the office workers through our fan-made handcrafted pins, and there is so much more for everyone. On top of that, we facilitate our customers with customized orders as per their demands. 


Why Over Enameled?

Over Enameled is a people-oriented setup and we offer handcrafted products to our valuable customers as per their likeness because we focus on individuality rather than generality. What makes us unique is that not only we provide supreme quality and customized products; our prices are equally affordable and attractive for everyone. 

Are you worried about shipping charges? Well, Over Enameled cares for its customers and we don't want to add burden to your pocket. That's why we offer FREE SHIPPING everywhere in the world. Over Enameled takes full responsibility for any damage occurred during the shipping and we offer a customer-consented solution according to the situation. Just tell us what you want and have it delivered at your doorstep but “Do not hold yourself while EXPRESSING because you deserve to be heard loud and clear."



Over Enameled is your number one shop for the coolest and most exclusive collection of handcrafted enamel pins! We have a passion for expression, and our enamel pins, or also known lapel pins, are the perfect accessories to flex your individuality and style. We handcraft pins to order and we are here to deliver that experience at an all time low price. We're dedicated to providing you the best quality and priced handcrafted goods, with a focus on individuality, customer service and flair.

We are proud to be able to offer unbeatable prices on our high quality handcrafted enamel pin products & Free Worldwide Shipping with every order.

We're working to turn our passion for handcrafted enamel pins and customer valuable wearable artwork into a one-stop shop for the web's best enamel pin range. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. 



Founder of Over Enameled