How to style Enamel Pins

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Enamel Pins

From our clothes to our sneakers, we wear our personalities (and hearts) upon our sleeves.  The modern world has become a kaleidoscope of colours and artistic expression.

To add our colours to the world and help you stand out, we decided to craft an ornament that is for everyone – Enamel Pins.

Enamel Pins are inclusive. They neither discriminate nor bestow special status upon certain individuals. It is for all!

How Are Enamel Pins Used

Whether you wish to hoard them, trade them, or wear them, our enamel pins have become the most recent cultural trend.

The enamel pins are an artistic expression. You can pick the ones that express your artistic side or the one that reflects your affiliation with a certain movement or even animated characters!

Through our glossy and premium enamel pins, we allow artists to convert their art into an affordable and collectable art pieces.

On your jackets or on your bags, your pandemic face mask even. Enamel pins can be used on all fabric surfaces. Didn’t we say our enamel pins are inclusive and embrace diversity?

The Mystery Pin Lucky Dip

We understood every person wants to express his or herself.  Moreover, with time our preferences evolve and our way of expressing ourselves change. At 20, you could be a Simpsons or The Office fan, but at 25 you could be obsessing over the charm of Rick and Morty.

To craft a tool to express one’s ever-changing personality, we came up with the Mystery Pin Pack. It is a collection of our 5 most popular pins chosen and curated by our esteemed artists and creators. The pins will be chosen between all our ranges including our essential, gaming & original pins.

Are you finding it difficult to choose a pin from our large collection? Or do you want someone else to make a choice for you and let you experience the thrill of the unknown?

Either way, our Mystery Pin Pack is the most ideal choice for you.


Enamel pins are a modern expression for Gen-Z. Nothing says “awesome” better than a glossy and bright coloured pin.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to and secure your own Mystery Pin Pack to drape your jackets and bags in trendy and expressive enamel pins!